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Somehow, Tim doesn't look like a Pizza guy to me. But what do I know.
I'm not sure if it is his preferred food or not, only that it appears a lot of times, in fact almost every time when we work on cars. Many of the sessions are very long resulting in completion or major work done on club members cars before calling it quits for the day. I think it just because it is a handy grab and get back to work food.

I just heard back from my good buddy, Ed Young...he says that he is not on Lotus Talk (I am hoping that he will join),
Many of the old timers prefer the list. A lot of us started there, 10-15 years ago maybe more. While the format is not the greatest it is what it is. We saw the membership grow and with it the pot shots and unacceptable behavior. We saw the growth and shrinkage of several forums like Lotus Buzz and Piston Heads. PH Esprit was fairly popular till it got bought out turned different then McFadden and I bolted along with others and now the postings have all but dried up. Tim visits LT at times but his last foray here was prompted because I called him up about new MN recruits for the club as he is in charge of membership for the LOON's. While on LT he started looking around and as always there were questions he could answer. Tim can normally be found on the list as it sort of has devolved back what it once was. Less fluff and just a bunch of old timers talking more about tech items. So Ed Young might not join LT as the list has now a sort of built in exclusivity. Last year I learned from Chris Urban who used to own my car 10+ years ago that he had quit the list years ago as some do when they are forced to sell due to circumstances. He ran across some Team Lotus shirts that he wanted to offer up to the list members and tried to sign back up. He ended up waiting in cue to be approved by admin but it never happened. I'm not sure if Brian or whoever admin is now ever checks the yahoo site. So current list members, do not resign from the list or you might not get back on as it just might be running on auto pilot. Who knows?

Cal H
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