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Dear All:
In all this time of my waiting for the Elise, I have never really thought of the weight limit issue. I am 5'10", at a solid 175 lbs. From the past threads, I trust that my weight and height should be fine in the driver's seat. However, one of my professional athlete friend is 6'2" at 250 lbs. My burning question is this. "What is the maximum weight tolerance per seat in the Elise? And should we try our best to balance the weight in both seats? Or is this a case where if they weigh more than me, they cannot be in the passenger seat?"
Given that this car is at about 2,000 pounds, I imagine any additional 200 lb would perhaps tip it somewhat?
- dechien
Dreadfully tired, mildly concerned, and becoming more and more impatient during this waiting process.
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