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I just finished track day with the lotus/lambo group here in Calgary.

It rained and hailed and rained some more - and I was the first off the track :|

I ended up in the swamp :'(

I had the instructor in the car with me.

"Think we're stuck"
"Should I try get out anyway"
"You could try"

I did it - in 4 inches of water and mud and about 4 feet off the track - neither of us could believe I got out.

Then we de-weeded the car.

Then we went in for one of those "what happend out on the track" meetings.

When we came out the rain had stopped and the track was on fire where I went out - the weeds were aflame.

Then the instructor went out with the other driver (two students/instructor for this) and they went off the course again in the exact same spot.

But he got stuck.

So, say what you will about your speed prowess - but I litterally set the track on fire :nanner:

Other stuff:
- we had a coyote on the track and several gophers
- we had about 20lbs of beef for lunch
- very fun day with great instruction from
Track Techniques

Best part: the high instructor-to-student ratio

p.s. I have no pictures of this - anyone else get pics of my fire?
p.p.s. My choice of footware played no part in my wipeout

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Cool. I was planning on signing up for the June 15th session. What did you think of track techniques?
Did you take the 3 day course, or just show up for a session?
I'm a complete newbie, so I was planning to go for the classroom session and then head our for the track day.

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This was a track day put on by Weissach the vancouver lotus dealer
Weissach, Porsche, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche Parts, authorized dealer and service center, Vancouver, Canada

They used Jay Pringle from Track Techniques and a whole bunch of other instructors that I think (but I'm not sure) were part of Track Techniques as well.

They did a one day mix of class room and track.
As far as I remember it went:

First part was everyone in the class

2nd part everyone in groups
- one group doing threshold breaking
- one group doing lead/follow turning practice on end of track
- one group doing slalom around a long line of cones
- one group doing heel/toe exercises
These groups rotated until everyone had done all 4 exercises.

Then it was the class split into two groups, one on the track the other in the class. You drove around with an instructor (while on track/swamp :().

I've done a couple of these now and I find the track/class mix works well.

They'll tell you about things in the classroom, but until you're on the track you won't really get what they are talking about.

Then when you come back in from the track for more class it makes more sense.

This improves with each cycle.

The time driving with the instructor in the car is very helpful, because you get imediate feedback.

Track Techniques provided instruction that was very similar (and on par with) the Lotus Performance Driving School in Nevada (except there you aren't driving your car)
Lotus Cars USA | Performance Driving School

The initial classroom session is the hardest to take because you're all excited to get out and drive. After that it provides a break from driving and a chance to ask questions.

I plan on trying Track Techniques directly for a 1 day advanced or lap nights - haven't yet decided.

Its worth it just to tear down that huge front straight side at Race City :)
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