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I haven't been active on these forums since I sold my Elise a couple of years ago.

Was invited to go to the LA Auto Show to do a little paid research on certain car brands.

My friend tagged along, and of course we checked out Kentia Hall, which typically houses all of the exotic brands.

Wow, I was really surprised to see Lotus' booth, as this was the first time I'd heard of or seen the new line, and except for the Eterne, they were all there.

I must say that while I'm sad to see that my beloved Elise is going to be retired (I still think it's the sexiest car ever made), I like the new look.

Some of the interiors looked really retarded, but I chalked that up to being prototypes. Also, the lineup suffers from Sameness Syndrome. I've encountered it before with the Aston Martin lineup (I can sort of tell the three cars apart), and this is the same thing. That said, if you're going to make your whole lineup look the same, at least make it look good, and they are sexy :)

The Esprit is by far the best, because it actually retains some of the looks of the old one. The rest of the lineup is just a variation of the new Esprit look. Some have the Elise/Evora "sloping C pillars with a flat decklid" look. Some are more like Ferraris and the Audi R8, with the "display-case over the pretty engine" look.

Anyhow, it's late, I should already be in bed, but I thought I'd share my thoughts.


P.S. What the heck is "mild hybrid"?
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