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What can a Difflow – High Performance Diffuser do for YOU?

Difflow Diffusers remove your car's performance restrictions by reducing the coefficient of drag and reducing rear-end lift, effectively increasing your vehicle's overall traction and stability. They also add an aggressive look and are built with a standard of quality second to none right here in the US!

Difflow Diffusers aren't just about looks. We have seen them improve our customer's lap times and even make our customers more comfortable driving their own vehicles! Don't just take it from us, here's what some of our customers have to say about their diffusers:

(Customer from Roswell, GA, USA) - “Maybe it was actually a momentous jump in my driving skill, but I dropped 3 seconds on my local track after going to a 5 Element Rounded Difflow Diffuser!”

(Customer from Pqua, OH, USA) - “I can feel the car being sucked down at around 90MPH. I normally only go to 120MPH+ on nice roads, but I thought I would try it and got up to 129MPH on a bouncy back road with complete confidence compared to with out it. I'm sold and now a proud owner!”

You can easily improve your vehicle's stability, traction and reduce your coefficient of drag with a Difflow – High Performance Diffuser for YOUR car just as these customers have! Make a Diffuser your next upgrade!

Difflow – High Performance Diffusers
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