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So what color did you order?

  • Saffron Yellow (Yes I like bees and other flying insects)

    Votes: 79 16.4%
  • Ardent Red (It wasn't me Officer it was that Hummer H2)

    Votes: 58 12.0%
  • Arctic Silver (The safest of the bunch apparently)

    Votes: 30 6.2%
  • Aztec Bronze (Well... It looks good to me)

    Votes: 5 1.0%
  • Magnetic Blue (How can it be magnetic when it's made of composite?)

    Votes: 26 5.4%
  • Nightfall Blue (Ok whatever I liked the name)

    Votes: 20 4.1%
  • Racing Green (A true classic... That's what I think)

    Votes: 35 7.3%
  • Bordeaux Red Pearl (Red without the tickets?)

    Votes: 31 6.4%
  • Storm Titanium (I think I hear a storm rollin in)

    Votes: 55 11.4%
  • Aubergine Purple (Yes Aubergine is what we call Egg-plant in the U.K.)

    Votes: 4 0.8%
  • Starlight Black (Cleaning is a hobby of mine)

    Votes: 20 4.1%
  • Graphite Grey (So can I write with it?)

    Votes: 19 3.9%
  • Krypton Green (Just incase I run into da man of steel)

    Votes: 13 2.7%
  • Chrome Orange (You talkin ta me!)

    Votes: 49 10.2%
  • Laser Blue (Yes They offered it and I ordered it... Yes!)

    Votes: 33 6.8%
  • Other (I don't think there is anything else, you may have to wait awhile?)

    Votes: 5 1.0%

What color did you order

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This is a poll for the people that have actually placed their order. When I initially voted on the” what color do you want” poll I picked Saffron Yellow, but when I ordered my car I picked Bordeaux Red Pearl. I guess the fact that my other car is yellow made me want a change.

So here goes... For those of you that have already ordered and are now locked into a color... What color did you order?
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Hey, good choice Derek!

I also went with the BRP. It was between that and BRG. Tough call. I think it is going to be surprising with how popular BRP has become.

Ardent Red and Saffron Yellow. I wanted Ardent red from the start....Saffron Yellow because Ive always wanted a yellow car. Titanium was my other choice.
Magnetic Blue/Black

Were black wheels available, Saffron would have been in the running - Titanium, too, suffered from this non-present option. Arctic Silver would have been considered had I not had a silver car for the last 8 years. Ultimately came down to Bordeaux, Magnetic, and Aubergine.

Having never seen it in person and getting different impressions of it in photos with different lighting conditions, Aubergine lost out when I convinced myself that in order for it to be a good looking purple, it would have to be darker than I'd care for on the Elise with all the black trim. I'll probably regret it when (if?) I ever see one.

Bordeaux looks to be wonderful, but ultimately I went with Magnetic Blue.

Had Ice Blue or Aqua been available they would have been serious contenders even at "lifestyle" pricing.
HoopyFrood, I had the same problem with Aubergine. Drawback of being high on the list is we don't get to see and cars or color samples, and every internet photo looks different.

I ended up ordering racing green.
For the last year when everybody on this BB has being trying to decide what color to go for, I've been thinking "how can anybody not pick yellow?". So with 100% commitment I ordered saffron yellow. No doubt in my mind at all.... That was when I ordered. Now I'm starting to pay attention to all the other colors and I'm starting to wonder if maybe any of them might look better. Argh! :eek:
Nathan968 said:
HoopyFrood, I had the same problem with Aubergine.
I live in Kansas, any purple anywhere automatically tags you as a K-State fan, even though I like the color the only I'll get it is with a KU plate saying "not a cat"

Tintin said:
I'm starting to wonder if maybe any of them might look better. Argh! :eek:
amen... I tend to lean toward whatever color I happen to be looking at. This car is gorgeous with any color paint.
Poll, good idea to see what what people actually ordered.
It really is a problem I like a lot of the colors.
But the COM have principles to uphold :D
NOt surprisingly ardent red is way out in front

05 ardent red, biscuit, touring on order.
I am surprised red is not more popular.I was going back and forth between red/yellow, chose yellow, but now wondering if maybe it is TOO popular....
ivan1 said:
I am surprised red is not more popular.I was going back and forth between red/yellow, chose yellow, but now wondering if maybe it is TOO popular....
My thoughts exactly! However how often do you thnk you will run into other Elise's on a typical drive?
:eek: Wow Saffron Yellow seems immensely popular
I went with Yellow...but I wouldn't throw any of the colors "out of bed". They all look great in my opinion.

Looks like there may be enough yellows to fill up the entire first batch:D
Fought for Lazer Blue for 2 years and you'd better be damn sure I ordered it when I got the okay on the 7th. I was otherwise going to go for the Bordouex which is absolutely stunning but I want fun and Lazer Blue is where it's at.
Come on come on. Think! This is not a Nissan Murano. All this Burnt Orange stuff and these lifestyle colors have gotta go. I'm going with saffron yellow partly because light colors look great contrasting with the black accents and mostly because I love the smell of saffron:p
Who picked "other" and just what color did you pick:confused:
Laser Blue all the way. If I could paint my house Lazer Blue and get away with it, I would do it!!!!!

Crazy Mitch
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