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What do I need for freescan?

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Hi everyone, I would like to set up freescan for my S4s. when I got it from the P.O. he gave me a handful of wires and a CD. The CD says FTDI chip , usb to ALDL adapter drivers based on the FT232RL VCP. My Question is what else do I need to use Freescan? I have an Apple Pro, and I have read that Freescan works best on a Windows based laptop. I don't mind if I have to buy old laptop off Ebay . What system works best? XP, 95,98 ect.? I am not a computer guy, but I know one that is willing to help. Hope to hear back soon. Dave:)
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Travis (Vulcan Grey) or Sanj will be able to advise regards the use of Freescan with Apple computers.

CarSalesman is successfully using Freescan with a Windows 8 laptop, IIRC....

Give those guys a PM
oh I have no idea, I don't touch Macs with those weird 1 button mouses!

I have heard that Freescan runs on a Mac with maybe parallels or bootcamp???

Windows XP seems to be the best for freescan. I know it can work with windows 7... I think, but haven't tried it. I keep my old XP laptop just for that purpose.
Windows 98SE will give the best performance with a serial cable. If you're using USB then XP or 7 will work fine. Install the driver before plugging in the USB cable. The Com port has to be 9 or lower for FreeScan to work. PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you my USB setup guide.

No idea what to do with a Mac.
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