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What Happened to Desert European?

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I got a phone call from Austin Lewis @ Desert European this morning, telling me that Desert European will not be able to sell Elise until LATE NEXT YEAR, so he would like to pay my deposit back to my credit card.


What's wrong with this dealership??
Anyone knows?

Anyone in the same situation??

edit - After reading other members' replies that there are actually people getting the car, I am suspecting if I just misunderstood Austin telling me he will not be able to sell "me" car until late next year. Let me contact Austin for accurate info.
Sorry for those who become worried about their order status, and I will give full apology if all this is due to my misunderstanding.
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andykeck said:
Fantastic news, thanks for the update. Be sure to fix your sig!

Ouch! I think I read somewhere here that another dealer was only charging somewhere around $700 installed!
Don't think this is possible. The Stage 2 exhaust is 622.27 from DE parts dept. NOT including installation. No mechanic is going to cut the diffuser and install the exhaust for $77.73. The installed price is usually about $1125.00.
andykeck said:
In this thread, Stan mentions that his dealer installed the Stage 2 exhaust for about $850. Not quite the 700ish I remembered, but a lot less than Shay was quoted. Did someone at DE quote that 622.27 price for the parts? 'Cause it looks like they just told Shay that the exhaust was $900 just for parts.
Yes, Aaron Marhafer in the parts Dept at DE 760 -773- 5008/800-347-4709 quoted me $622.27. He also said that they hadn't sold any as of yet, so maybe after he got off the phone with me,he realized that he didn't add profit.:wallbang: All I know is this is the price that he quoted me. :shrug:
Patricko said:
This guy can do it:) His dad has a great set of tools:D

Yes, Patrick, I believe this is the guy who runs the Parts Dept at DE. I thought he looked familier.

Patrick: BTW, I'm getting my first service and Stage 2 installed this Wed morning at Newport European. If you have time, maybe we could hook up for breakfast or lunch. If you have time, send me a PM.
Later. Ron
shay2nak said:
Pat didn't give me an exact quote, he wasn't sure how much it is. It was a figure off the top of his head. If Aaron, who works at the Parts department gives a quote of $622, I'd believe that is correct. It sounds about right anyway. Probably $800 or so installed?
I didn't ask about the installed price, since they hadn't installed one yet,I didn't want to be the quinea pig. I think that most dealers are charging 3 or 4 hours labor for installation. Probably $1100 or so installed. I am having one installed by NE. They have installed several and do a nice job of cutting the diffuser.
andykeck said:
Good Lord! What's their labor rate?
Someone told me the other day that it was something like $110/hr.
Money talks......especially when your talking money in the Palm Springs area. If you pay. If you don't want to will wait. How long?.........wait......wait.......wait..... and you will see!
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