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Is anyone running a REV300 with A/C delete and if so what size serpentine belt did you find fits best?
I've just bought a REV300 kit and waiting for it to be installed by my local garage and realised the the belt that came with the kit might not fit as my ex-UK car has no air-con. I'm guessing that all US cars came with A/C as standard?
I emailed BOE to ask and they suggest either an 802 or 795 length belt, but they don't list an 802 on their website and i cannot find anything to say gates even make one.

Looking at the belts on the BOE website it looks like there is usually a 5mm difference between the length of a belt for a car with A/C vs without for a supercharged application, so 802(or 801 if it existed) would look about right seeing as they say the belt that comes with the kit is 806.

Anyone have any experience with a REV300 on a A/C delete car?
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