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what magazine recommendation

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My mother in-law buys me like $500's in magazines subscriptions a year for my birthday. I was wondering if and one had any recommendations for a car one? I am very big in to the style and creedo of Lotus. light, over engineered, power i am not in to the whole tunner thing and i don't really dig organized racing but i don't mind rally cars. Basically if you can buy it on ill drive it. Kind of getting into old vets and porsche's
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Top Gear, EVO??

Road & Track?

These are standard car magazines.

I would say Sports Car International, but they've been out of print for several years now. That was an awesome magazine.
Go European. Evo has great photography and articles. Car Magazine is great and gets premiere access to new launches, private tests, etc. I subscribe to both but luckily I find a way to ship them from the UK so the annual local price for the subscription is quit cheap.
If you like F1 and other European racing series, Autosport is unbeatable. It is expensive but website access is reasonably priced.
Top Gear, EVO??

Road & Track?

These are standard car magazines.

I would say Sports Car International, but they've been out of print for several years now. That was an awesome magazine.
I loved Sports Car International. Still have all of my back issues. Such a shame that they shut down. 0-60 a Magazine was great too, for the ten or so issues that they lasted.

For the OP - I'd suggest AutoWeek, Road & Track, maybe Car & Driver. Plus any of the euro mags mentioned. You might enjoy Cycle World for similar vehicles of a different category.
Classic Motorsports is the only one I get anymore, and I used to get them all.

They do a lot of interesting restorations, road tests and comparos (recently matched a Sunbeam Tiger against a V8 Miata), event coverage. Covers ALL the major auctions, in depth stories on significant cars and people. Peter Brock is a monthly columnist.

Also VERY Lotus friendly. Lotus cars of all vintage are often mentioned and featured.

High production values, a lot of good content, even great classifieds. Wire Wheel always has a few cars in the classifieds.

Of the mainstream, Road and Track USED to be very good, but had been declining over the last decade. With Peter Egan's retirement, it just isn't worth getting any more. Car and Driver, Road and Track, and Motor Trend are virtually identical in their new car road tests...why not? They all go to the same press events.

R & T and Car & Driver are published by the same company. There is recent speculation in the industry that R & T will fold up within a year.
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I only have three subscriptions.
2 car and 1 photography.

The UK "Racecar Engineering"

Unfortunately the Australia "Tarmac" magazine is no longer.
EVO and Car are the best

Octane is good if you like classics

If you want a US magazine, then Automobile (probably the best of the US mags - mainly as it uses a lot of rewritten Car Magazine big tests - looks like it's getting a makeover so may go to crap).
Road and Track - used to be good....
Autoweek - ok, and it's nice to get something a little more frequent than the monthlys

The rest of the US mags are crap IMO

As for Lotus specific, there are none right now. There was Danys magazine but it was more of a lifestyle type thing than a car magazine.
Road & Track has made a big comeback now that they shook things up quite a bit. I get both R&T and C&D. It's nice to spend an hour or so after work when those come in to read up.
Thread Hijack Warning!

I get most of the above magazines and, yes, some are going down in quality. But, there is a car magazine that is going up - Hot Rod. Yeah, not a Lotus magazine, but they are covering more than drag racing. The engineering and fabrication stuff covers road course oriented cars in most every issue. This is the most consistently interesting and varied popular car magazine now for me. $10 a year!

No, I don't rep for Hot Rod.

Now back to your regular thread already in progress.
EVO is phenomenal. My parents give me a copy for birthdays and Christmas. Top Gear mag isn't far behind it and much more factual that the show. Grassroots Motorsport is also great. Much more budget friendly and very helpful. They tend to have an article every now and then praising the virtues of Lotus and referencing obscure cars that compare well.
Top Gear, EVO, Car, Octane, etc.
Racecar Engineering
Grassroots Motorsports
Auto Motor und Sport

Ewa used to import a huge selection of car magazines including australian magazines.
I'm not sure they exist now, but you might find their list of magazines somewhere.
Hmm, seems no one has mentioned Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car. Highly recommended.
In This Issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car | Hemmings Motor News

(add another +1 in the column of those that miss Sports Car International. I also still have all of my issues... And I'd love Evo, but don't feel like swinging $115 a year for it)
Top Gear has phenomenal writing, much better than any other magazine I've read.
I have had Road and Track (still - better format now), Motortrend,, and favorite, Automobile (still - really like their well written humorous articles - Ezra Dyer, among others.)

Ezra Dyer - Contributing Writer | Automobile Magazine

However, I agree with the above postings, British car shows and magazines (cool European models) tend to be much better than the American ones - well articulated and witty.
Barely Legal....

Oh, oops.

I would go:

- Evo/Car - same magazine effectively
- Octane - to me, the best mix of vintage and new
- Top Gear - great but lots of 'filler' in the back
I also get the usual
Road & Track
Motor Trend
Car & Driver
Hot Rod

but the one I read the most has been around since 1925, the British magazine

Pick one up and see what you think, some really good writing and a lot of history.
Grassroots motorsports is the greatest mainstream car rag IMO. At one point I got all the magazines mainstream and not. It seems like automobile, road and track, motortrend, etc are pretty much the same magazine.

Racecar engineering is great if you are into technology but it is super expensive to have delivered to the us

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