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What should I do with this Lotus?

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I've spent a wad of money for this here Lotus.
I can't parallel park it or it will be destroyed.:eek:
I can't drive it on the jammed freeway or it will be destroyed.:crazyeyes
I can't park it in a crowded parking lot or it will be destroyed.:eek:
I can't pick up chicks, only young boys.:huh:
My wife hates it. My girlfriend hates it.:mad:
My wife and my girfriend hate each other.:shrug:
Everytime I drive it, I become paranoid.

What can I do with this thing?

Before you decide to sell it like billions of former Lotus owners,:(
I have a suggestion:

TRACK IT! No, I don't mean wheel to wheel competition.
I mean a controlled and safe environment called High Performance Driving Experience.

For me, this is extremely satisfying and safer than driving on the public streets. It's also addicting!

With professional instructors and experienced drivers that share the enthusiasm.

I find sessions that have less cars to alleviate the stress. It costs a bit more but it's worth every penny!

I thought I would never think about "tracking" my Lotus, but now it's a highlight of my life. I'm not the fastest, no way, but I enjoy the feeling of improving my driving skills each time I hit the track. Lotus Talk has a great resource to learn even more from the experts. I have many "mentors" here...Andy(apk919), Josh(fishguy), Carl, Manly...and many others! Thanks for encouraging me!

See you at the next HPDE!



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...i could swear i've read this before...
...i could swear i've read this before...
Yea. Me too!:D
Awesome! :D (and yes, I've seen it before also).

I'm dying for a track day as well...I was too slow about signing up for one and it filled up before I did. :( Ah well, time to try again!
Stay strong and drive hard and fast, my it like there is no promise of tomorrow :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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