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What to buy to reprogram ECU

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I want to either reprogram my ECU or buy and ECU that is reprogramable.

I have done some research and looking but keep reading my self in circles. Can you please make a educated recommendation and a little info supporting your choice.

I am prepping for a Turbo kit.
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Radium would be a good option, they have a stand alone set up on their website. I know BOE has tuned a few turbo cars as well. Member Evansp60 has been a great help to me for advice, might want to send him a PM. I currently have a turbo kit waiting to go on to the car after I buy a few more parts. If you are looking for an NA tune while you are waiting to go the turbo route, I have a CharlieX/Vision Function tune that I am very happy with. Do you know what turbo kit you are going to run? I know Vision Function has something in the works.

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And, if you are doing a scratch turbo solo, about 30 kg of valiums.

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Buy the Fastworks or Koldfire tune from BOE.

Pretty few folks will need more flexibility than the stock ECU will afford these days. Our fastworks editor is nearly----nearly unlimited in what you can do when it comes to tuning for a street car and club racers... For a pro-level team, the EFI and Motec, etc standalones start making more sense...

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