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So, you've just finished up the paperwork on your new Elise. Your salesman hands you the keys, tells you it's been a pleasure to serve you and how much he values your business. In fact, if you ever want another at MSRP, just let him know and he can guarantee he'll have one for you in one year's time.

You're just pulling out of the lot, waiting patiently to make a left turn when the driver of a brand new <insert your dream car here> nearly snaps his neck turning to look at your Elise and hits the breaks blocking the drive. He gets out.

"I love that car - I'm an impatient fellow, I don't like to wait and I don't waste my time bargaining. I'm only going to make you one offer, take it or leave it."

He makes his offer, what is the lowest offer you would accept?
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