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What's happening at RothRock?

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Hi - first post (but have been hanging around for quite a while)...

If anyone has additional information on what's happening at Rothrock, it would be most appreciated. I've talked to a few folks there and there seems to be general confusion. They seem to be treating the list properly (moving people up if people cancel, none of the extra car BS other dealers are pulling, etc.), but also seem to be lacking info from Lotus USA. I'm in the high 60's there and the thought of a 30 month wait, as others have suggested (was told 18-24 months with a shrug because they really had no idea what their allocation would be), is truly depressing.

Also have heard their Lotus guy left and there are duplicate order #'s (two lists) - is this true??

Otherwise, just looking for any new news on:
How many cars they've delivered?
Their allocation?
Number of cars per month expected?

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Chris, welcome to the forum.

They know their allocation, ask them to tell you. They should know how many cars they expect each month for this year.
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