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My report about Scottsdale, Arizona Lotus doesn't fit into negative dealer category. Here's my opinions on some of the subjection areas you mentioned:

1) Estimated arrivals.
Scottsdale Lotus has been really open about deliveries. A few weeks ago Dan gave me a VIN number on (what was) my
Magnetic Blue Elise.

Six months ago, their original estimate was that the car would arrive in late-September or early-November. In actuality, it will probably arrive sometime in December. They're about 4 to 6 weeks off the estimate time they told me in April. Not a bad estimate considering thier estimate was about a month after production has started and didn't factor in the LSS shortage, the extra one month delay, and the shipper issues.

2) Cars for Sale.
Yes, Scottsdale has had two cars (Storm TI and Bordeaux) for sale. I do believe these were customer cars who cancelled. Why? Because when I asked to switch from my Magnetic Blue to the Bordeaux Red, Scottsdale let me switch and confirmed MSRP on the Bordeaux in writing. They would not have done this if they had just pulled a customer's car out from under him to make a fast buck.

3) Possible mistakes were fixed.
Last week, I noticed Scottsdale has listed the Bordeaux car as still available on their website. I sent Dan and e-mail expressing my concern that the Bordeaux car may be inadvertently sold by another sale person. And to make matters worse, it's also possible that the Magnetic car could have been sold as well, which would leave me Elise-less. By Monday morning, their site was updated and it listed the Magnetic Blue as being available.

So, I'm really happy with the way Scottsdale Lotus has kept me informed, accommodated me, and taken steps to make sure I get the proper car. Their estimates on arrival are relatively accurate and realistic, they gave me the VIN numbers once they got it, and they took steps to prevent my car from being accidentally sold.

Are they selling cars over MSRP, yes. They are a business and not a charity and they did not cheat anyone out of a car. I'd give Scottsdale, Arizona Lotus five out of five stars!! :clap:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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