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What's my front clam worth

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I can't decide on if I want to keep it as a spare. I'm not really sure what it is worth in case I do decide to sell it. I know condition is everything. It is scuffed on the bottom right. I added Sirlotus's clam protectors after and they have done a great job. They definitely paid for themselves. Looking for any opinions.



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Not sure why the pic above is upside down. Here is a pic of the scuff.


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Lol, thanks for the offer! I'll keep it in mind if I sell it. :)
So I'm guessing your the lucky buyer of that $500 Siebon clam posted yesterday? I missed out on that by minutes...damn.
I bought one last year for $850,I had to drive all the way out to Maryland to get it but it was well worth it.
Cool, thanks for the info guys!
Photos of that new clam plz!? As far as worth I'm not sure but I'd keep as an extra or if you ever had to sell your car you may want to revert to stock.
Livetodrive- yeah, I was the lucky one.

Vao4v- If you see this thanks for passing it along. Christmas came early!

Hextavo- here is a pic.


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Wow how on earth did that go for so cheap? Pretty awesome! Now we just need pics of it installed. I'm jelly!
Keep your clam if you can. I was looking to replace my CF Seibon front clam and couldn't find a replacement one when I went to repaint. It will save you a huge headache down the line. Stick it in the basement and store that bad boy.
Are you selling that front splitter separately? If so please let me know!
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