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Has anyone successfully changed the front (or rear) wheel bearings on their Elise?

I'm having a tough time getting the hub out of the bearing. I have to do this before I can get the bearing out of the ally bearing mounting block.

I've tried soaking the bearing & hub in silicone penetrator for a couple of days and then using a pillar drill (just the vertical rack) to try to push the hub through the bearing, but it won't budge.

Is the best approach a hydraulic press, or a good whack from a hammer, or something else?

I don't want to damage either the hub or the bearing block. The bearing is toast either way.

Also, when fitting a new bearing, is it a good idea to grease the mounting block beforehand to prevent the bearing corroding in the block or the hub in the bearing?

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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