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Hi, Robert !
The bearings of the Elise are all the same (by Timken) but there are different hubs.
I Think up to 1999 Elises had all Ally hubs, after that the rear hubs have been changed to steel hubs. With the new Mk2 (Federal Elise or whatever you call it) I don`t actually now.
A hammer should better not be used with the Ally hubs, a hydraulic press with a selfmade stamp (?) would be best.
In a german board was a thread about parts of the topic:{3F0EFBEA-8EBB-4050-AEAB-71A71594239E} , but it's in german.
Befor pressing out the old bearings make sure that the two circlips are out, they fix the bearing in the hub and they only fit in when the bearing is mounted correctly.
Some did bearing changes with an oven and a fridge....
to insert the new bearing put the hub in the oven and the bearing in the fridge, after a day in the fridge the bearing should fit without problems into the hub after some 60 min at 200°C in the oven.
To get out the old bearing put the hole thing into the oven but remove the circlips before and after taking it out try to cool down the bearing pretty fast (with sports spry or dry ice fe).
Hope that helps a bit.
For more detailed information please contact: [email protected] , he did this a few days ago with his Elises.
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