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Any one know for certain what car the front wheel bearings are from. One of my front bearings is not as lose as I think it should be.
In the USA the car the hubs and bearings are sourced from is sold as the 'Saturn Astra'

Only issue may be that in the USA they only sell the 5-bolt hubs on the car and not the 4-bolt ones. I don't know the lineup they sell in the USA.

If you were to go to the 5-bolt hubs you could use the front brake discs from the car too. Would need new wheels though..

SAAB's 9-3's use the same 5-bolts hub/bearing packs (based on a GM car as well: the Vectra) and you can use their bigger 308mm discs with spacers between the caliper and hub at the front.

Bye, Arno.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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