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I wonder if the ABS has anything to do with this. Arent their sensors that tell how fast the wheel or the rotors are spinning?
Maybe this would necessatate a specific rotor or wheel be used with the sensor.

Does anyone know if ABS is going to be on all four wheels or just the rear?

I wonder if the new tires are going to be unidirectional. This means that we would have to specify which tire is needed in case we get a flat, since the front and rear are differant sizes too.

My friends big rig tire dealership sells Yokohoma's. I'm going to have him keep some spare mounted tires on cheap rims on hand just in case. Luckily they also do emergency 24 hour 18 wheeler tire repairs so I wont have to worry about getting a flat at 3AM

Anybody in England have trouble with getting a flat tyre? How do you change it if you get a nail in the sidewall that the fix-o-flat wont work on since there is no jack and no spare? Or do you just need to have a few strong friends who can lift up the car for you?
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