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Hi all,

When I originally bought my Lotus it came with aftermarket wheels on it, and the previous OEM wheels separately. When I sold the car I still had the OEM wheels in my storage! I’d like to sell these on now. Three of the wheels are in near enough perfect condition. One wheel (front) however has some cosmetic damage on the front face of one of the spokes. I’ve never used the wheels myself.

The wheels all have tires on them, but the rear two are pretty much bald. The front two appear to have plenty of meat left on them.

I also have a pair of brand new Yokohama Advan A048’s. Here are the sizes of everything:

Front two wheels: 175/55R16 - $150 for good one, $100 for damaged one.
Rear two wheels: 225/45R17 - $150/each
Two new tires (unmounted): 195/50R16 - $150/each

The new tires should fit the front 16x5.5 rims with no issues.

Based on the above prices the total for everything would be $850, but if someone takes the lot I’ll do it for $750.

I’d prefer not to ship (located in Santa Clara, California), but will do if buyer pays shipping and packaging. It’s gonna be heavy and bulky, so not sure what it would cost! I could unmount the rear bald tires if desired (though the tires are fine to get you to a tire shop so might be useful).

Pics included below!



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