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Your 87 should be same as my 88 with Citroen:

15x7 ET23 front
15x8 ET -20 rear

The 87 (I believe) has PCD 5x120 (vs. my 88 with 5x108).

18x8 will fit rear just fine; the front might rub a bit. You also want to check what tires are available for 18x8 - you may not like want you find.

I have 17" Futuras (17x7 and 17x8.5) that fit. To keep OEM offsets, I have a rear adapter of 50mm (30+20mm) to match rear 17x8.5 ET 30. Front did not need an adapter. Tires are 10mm wider than OEM - 205 front, 245 rear.

Note keeping factory offset friendly to bearings; if you insist on aligning with fender lip, you'll need to change adapter accordingly.
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