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If the alarm had been triggered during the last armed period, the disarm command will be acknowledged by the hazard lamps flashing 4 times, and the buzzer sounding 4 times. The security tell tale will then flash a code to indicate the triggering source:

- 1 pulse flashing: door, engine cover/boot lid or body front access panel.
- 2 pulse flashing: movement detected in cabin by microwave sensor.
- 4 pulse flashing: tampering with ignition circuit.
- 6 pulse flashing: interruption of battery supply.

The coding will be deleted when the ignition is next turned on.

The only time this has happened to me (luckily) was when it had rained. The microwave sensor was set to "overly extremely sensitive" and picked up the rain running down the front windshield. Scared me when the little buzzer chimed a few times on disarming, however, thinking someone had broken into my car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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