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When's Lotus' Model Year Change?

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I spoke with my dealership this morning. Facts I learned:

Gary Hagen from LCU was at the dealership this past Thursday and confirmed that there is going to be a PRICE INCREASE in the Elise. He attributed the increase to the continued devaluation of the dollar against the Euro. He did not specify when or how much. The dealership has speculated that it will occur with the model year change.

The company's "model year" change occurs in Sept. of each year, according to representative I spoke with. cab someone confirm this? Does this mean that pricing on the Elise will be stable through Sept '05 (i.e., model year '06); or should we expect an increase in price on/or around Sept '04?

The dealership has not been receiving build dates and Vin#s on recent cars. They had been receiving this information up until the announcement of the "automated computer system" that was suppose to provide better (more current information). Unfortunately, there continues to be issues with operationalizing the new information system; thus the dealership is hypothesizing that they may begin receiving communications on build dates etc. from LCU in the near future.

There have been approximately 128 cars delivered todate to dealerships and another 270 sitting in port/processing centers awaiting delivery. Trucking has been the major bottleneck.
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