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So, I bought this trailer yesterday. It is about 16' long and has 5.5" x 5 wheels, rear trailer brakes, new wood (1 bolt in the middle of each board means it is sure to cup), and new paint! lol :clap: Finally! I have been looking for one for over a year and came close to making a bad decision a couple of times, but hopefully have something worthwhile here. What do you think?

So far I have met with a trailer/hitch company that does great work and they are going to:

Build ramps about 12" wide (I want them light)(should I buy something on eBay?);
Build ramp storage along each side towards the front. I am afraid under-trailer pockets would allow the trailer to scrape too easily;:panic:
Add cups along the side and in front so I can add a removable front protector for cars and removable sides for possible other uses if I need it;
a small hand winch - not a cheap whore - but they said electric winches don't work unless connected or batteries and they just get stolen;
prep the front for a trailer box;
hopefully do something with the front top-wind jack so it is higher off of the ground and maybe has a wheel;
re-wire everything to include the rear axle brakes;
add hub buddies;
and replace the fenders.

I am also looking to get the "E" track combo for the tie-downs. Best kind?

So I want ornamental wheels but I may have to change the hubs. No biggy, but any idea what size hubs to change to? I want to put on wheels that resemble Rotas or LSS wheels, but I don't have a source so I don't know the size/ lug layout.

I also like the idea of an adjustable stop bar across the front so I can drive the lotus to the exact right spot every time.

What else?

And no, I won't tow anything except a bare trailer with a Lexus!:sad:


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Seems to be in good shape. I use a 7 x 17 with a slight dove tail on it for angle. Your fenders look like they sit a bit higher than mine. I can open the doors on my Exige when on the trailer. If it has trailer brakes inspect them. Carry two spares, I have learned this, 2 wheels carry one, 4 wheels carry 2. Pull all 4 tires and inspect the hubs, they are cheap metal and crack easy, do this yearly. Get a trailer jack, its like a ramp that gets one side up off the ground and the other is in the air. Makes life way easy on a 5 lane interstate.

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I'm starting a similar thread in a different location.

Ideally brakes on all wheels.
Required some places.

I plan to add side turn signal/markers.
Full discrete lighting.
Reflective striping all around.
White paint for visibility.
Deckplates before and after the fenders as steps.
Stainless mesh over lights.

Roller jack in front.

Planning a fixed header in the front.

Shocks can be added to most suspensions.

Check to see if you have good axles as a starting point.
Mine is a basic trailer, but with good dexter axles.

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First thing I did was buy 15 feet of 12mm Abus chain and a good lock.
And I put a hitch lock on.

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Great ideas. The trailer brake goes without saying. Not sure what a roller jack is but if you mean a wheel instead of just a foot on the front jack, I asked.
Reflective tape is good. I will add side markers. The axles and brakes will be gone through and I said add "hub buddies" but I think I meant "bearing buddies".
I am not sure about the color. I might paint the whole thing the same Lotus yellow as my top, rear wing, pin-striping and gas cap. I like the lighter colors for visibility AND because black will burn you when you lean against it in sorts on a sunny day!
And the best suggestion yet .... TWO spares!

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Yes, a wheel.

Fyi, you can get solid stripes instead of zebra.
I can do a group buy if you want enough too.
You can't be too visible.
I hope to not leave much paint visible.

Be sure to check dot rules on lighting.
They don't care here, but it never hurts.

The side marker/turn signals are not a requirement, but I think a very good idea.
You can find the nice Grote replacable bulb ones reasonably.

I have some sealed ones I would part with if you prefer those.

Also, I plan a light on a pole up front, that can be taken down when needed.
Reversing lights too.
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