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Where is the AC evaporator located?

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Today I almost had a heart attack, I came home from driving, my car did indeed again leak the usual amount of coolant for the 3rd time now. But also it leaked from the center of the car where the dash is located under the car. Then it hit me, I bet thats where the AC evaporator is located (I almost never run it, but did today),

That is where it is right? I was at first thinking heater core now too UGHH.

I dont remember, as its been a while since my dash has been apart.

Looks like I have a radiator project to start soon. It takes about 2 hours of driving and it starts leaking now.
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Condensation drips are normal as long as liquid is in fact clear water from that area (usually a drip line). I didn't notice actually outlet on Esprit but definitely evaporator under dash).

Cross your fingers it's only condensation drip.

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Yes, the AC evaporator drain exits the interior under the dash area, it's a little RTV'd hose that sticks out of the body just to the right of the backbone.
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