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Which elise should i get?

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Hello, i'm new on here, and possibly going to be spending a lot of on here in the years to come :)

I am currently looking at getting an elise and i am just wondering (i know these have been asked many time before) but i have narrowed it down to two cars. A 2002 Elise 111s or a 2007 Elise S Tour+ but apart from the speed and power (which isnt that different) is there any other points i should consider? or is there a clear winner? :confused:

I have heard people say that the toyota engine is more 'sluggish' and you have to thrash it more to get the same feeling (not sure that is true tho) but at the same time the K series engines has head gasket problems, so i am totally and utterly baffled as to which one to get.

Any help would be helpful!

Thanks in advance

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Hi James,

Youre not going to get much response on here as most of the people on the forum only have access to 2005+. There are some people who might be able to chime in but probably better asked on

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Hi James :wave:

jds62f is right - in fact neither model sold in the US which is where this board is based. You will get great advice on Seloc.

That said I own a 2002 111S which I love (in spite of the head gasket failing) :)

Of the two cars you are looking at the 111S has the greater power to weight ratio, is simpler (no ABS, central locking, electric windows, etc), is older... which leads to the positives of the 2007 car and they are, Toyota engine, ABS, central locking, newer...

As both cars are 5plus years old condition will come into play more than specifications so give each car a thorough going over plus as extended a test drive as you can, and essentially buy the one in better condition.

HTH :)
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