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Searched to see which spark plugs I should go with, still don't know. so many threads...

NGK BKR7EIX or Denso IK22? These are one step cooler than stock IIRC. Which probably what I want.

Not sure which gap either... .44?

So just for the hell of it I pulled coil packs. One was clean and other 3 had red dust (not too bad) and of those 3, 2 had a big burn pit on the bottom. Rubber ends were in great shape. They were all dry, no di-E grease.

Took the plugs out....NGK PFR7G...apparently they platinum. So definitely should change these at my power level to iridium and one step cooler?? Though my car was tuned with the stock injectors.

I'd like to buy these tomorrow and install them for a drive so any quick help would be much appreciated. :up: :)
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