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Greetings all,

I'm about to embark on a number of projects for my '05 Elise.

She's currently in the garage with the interior stripped. Seats out. Speakers out. Carpets out. Sound deadening out. Dash partially disassembled. Center tunnel cover off.

The car is awaiting the following mods / items:

Jim Dixon's front speaker rings.
JL Audio 5.25" all the way around.

A pair of Mulsanne C seats.
A pair of Schroth Hybrid II 6 point harnesses (lap belts to be mounted through the rear aluminium "cross-chassis member").
DownLow driver's side seat rail.
S111 Sys.6.pack

S111 removable steering wheel hub
OMP steering wheel (hopefully w/ a SweetDaddy silver on black Lotus logo!)
S111 Re-enforcer
Passenger airbag delete (what Ohm resistor do I need to wire in?)

My question is given everything that I have apart, and that I will have apart, what other mods should I consider doing "while I'm in there?" For example...

Alarm antenna mod?
Head unit?

I do plan on doing the Jim Dixon speaker ring install (see: 4" Polk Audio install here) onto the dash panel while it is out of the car. I figure this will be easier, as will the trimming of the plastic underneath to accommodate the 5.25" speakers (and adding the poly-fill materials).

Whadda y'all got for me? Any suggestions welcome.

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