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Who makes carbon fiber seat rails for oem seats?

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Just wanted to lose some seat weight...
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Carbon fiber being what it is, in the event of crash, they'll shatter(literally) and vaporize(figuratively) catastrophically. You might not want that.

Contrary to popular belief, carbon fiber isn't good for everything.
It's terrible against shock and vibration.
Prolonged exposure UV and moisture will cause delamination.
For electronics, it being conductive will act as a Faraday Cage and block radio wave or at least dissipate or absorb radio waves.

Unless engineered for it, all it's good for is Bling.

I'm sure it'll make you 'go' faster. :cool:

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I've never ever seen a carbon fiber seat rail for a car. I've seen and used carbon fiber seat rails for a bicycle, so I guess it's possible.

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