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I can offer a bit of additional background on this promotion.

I recall this poster for the promotion hanging in the shop of the local dealer here in Canada. Don’t think the offer extended to our side of the pond though.

Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Photograph Motor vehicle

Back in the day a friend had a very early RHD Plus 2 that had the ghosted image of the associated rear window sticker (example shown below).

Rectangle Font Packaging and labeling Recreation Box

His original Plus 2 UK registration documents listed Mike Spence as the previous owner; we never really knew if this meant it was Spence‘s personal car or owned by his associated dealership as a demonstrator. For us out in the Colonies it all added greatly to the allure of the Lotus brand. Tragically Spence had passed in 1968, and we imagined his car to be one of the early high performance examples provided to the Works driver, but who knows.

Richard Parramint, who many will know from being MC at various LOG meets, actually had the job of installing the decals to the rear glass. I have no idea whether these were only put on cars that sold with the plane and bike, or if they more generally appeared on Plus 2’s. I thought it would be a great chat to have with Richard when we all get together again.

As a silly Covid project I have made up a replica decal for my Plus 2, but still trying to decide whether to attach it to the rear glass of my Federal ‘69 Plus 2. Below are two versions of my efforts so far. I kind of prefer the italicized version, although the block print is closer to the original.

Rectangle Font Electric blue Parallel Signage
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