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Based on her comments when visiting Norwich, no doubt the PM (or her predecessor) would have preferred a UK brand aircraft for the promotion:

"Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had plenty of power at her command after flying in to Norwich airport yesterday.

But this time the power was in the shape of a 150 mph Lotus Turbo Esprit sports car.

Mrs. Thatcher's top-gear start to her day-long visit to Norfolk began as soon as she stepped from a jet chartered by Lotus chief Mr. Colin Chapman. A row of spotless Lotus production and racing cars were awaiting her inspection.

After driving the Esprit Turbo she confessed: “I was tempted to drive away in it.”
She was able to inspect the controversial Type 88 Formula One Lotus, and Colin Chapman explained some of the refinements.

Mrs. Thatcher was greeted at the airport by the Lord Mayor of Norwich, Mr. Alan Driver, and the leader of the county council, Mr. John Alston.

The Lord Mayor asked about Colin Chapman 's Cessna jet, and the Prime Minister joked: “Mr. Chapman the Mayor's thinking about a plane ride”

When she found out the plane was American made, she said: “We make an executive jet—and it's much better than this one.” "

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