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Because I was driving a Tank!

This was an Xmas gift from my wife. I really thought it was a wacky gift but wow we ended up having a great time!

There are several places like this across the USA, and I am sure in England and other countries. We visited and they really treated us well and we had a great time! If you have any interest in this kind of stuff I highly recommend you pay them or a place like this a visit! You will *tank* me later! ;) I know another popular thing we have locally is to play with big construction vehicles like back hoes, dump trucks, cranes etc. I guess the adult version of playing with Tonka trucks.

This video starts with a few short clips from our personal experience and because you can't really carry cameras (prehaps think of bringing a head mounted GoPro, and they do have a mount on the tank) I added some of Drive A Tank's promotional videos so you could see more of the driving course.
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