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Why was the Elise only shown in LA?

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Does anyone know where the show cars will pop up next? I can't understand why Lotus is ignoring the rest of the country. They have the display and the cars, why not let them travel? Does anyone know how the Houston dealer got its hands on the blue car? Will that car make the rounds? Will any of the other show cars show up at other dealers? The only upcoming show I know of where Lotus is scheduled to appear is NY, but that's not until April. What have you guys heard?
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It sounds like the yellow car will be at the Chicago autoshow, February 6-15.
A yellow one with the sport suspension should be at the Chicago Auto Show this month.

Edit: Reto beat me.
JohnnyQuest said:
Does anyone know where the show cars will pop up next? I can't understand why Lotus is ignoring the rest of the country. They have the display and the cars, why not let them travel?
Because it is more than just letting them travel. It's expensive to do the auto shows and Lotus is not that big and is operating with a limited budget. Even the display for the LA Auto Show was scaled back from the original plans due to budget constraints.

On one hand, they can ship cars to dealers and supply a car to dealer if that dealer is participating in a show. That is one cost and is probably budgeted for.

Renting the space that the display takes up costs many thousands of dollars. Moving the display and all those cars. The cost of all those people manning the booth. The lost time from doing any other kind of work is large also.

I don't think they are ignoring the rest of the country. They have limited resources and chose one place and time for a big roll out and introduction. That is done.
That makes sense Randy. Thanks. But it doesn't make me feel better. I really don't want the first Elise I ever see to be the one I buy. And no, none of you can have my number and let me see your car. :)
Because Lotus plans to sell 90% of the cars here in California. :D

Oops, just wishful thinking on my part.

As Randy and others said, it's expensive to rent space and staff the display. The LA Auto Show is pretty big and well attended, and the January timing was right to generate a buzz for the late spring release, so it probably made sense to debut here. Plus, with 7 of the 38 dealers in California, Lotus probably will sell 20-25% of the cars here.

Since the waiting list is so long already (more than one year's worth of deposits already have been taken), Lotus has no compelling need to spend a lot of money advertising the car all over the country.

Once the dealer demos arrive @ end of May/early June, everyone should have a good opportunity to see (and perchance drive) the real thing. In the interim, read the auto show threads and look at the pretty pictures; it's almost like being there in person.

Edit: Just noticed that you are #8, so quite possibly your car will arrive in the same shipment as the dealer demo. I would agree that you deserve to see the car in person before you pick up your actual car, so perhaps you can track down the location of the Euro demos or the US-spec display cars and go see one.
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How did you guys here that it will be at the Chicago show. I checked at but didnt see it listed in their floor plan diagram that shows where each company will be at the show. I would really like to go see the car if its gonna be there but its a very long drive for me.
Fox Valley Motorcars will be at the Chicago show, and they could possibly bring an Elise, but I'm just speculating. In past years they have had Esprits at the show.

If you look at the web site

It looks like they have announced that they will have an Elise at their shop on the 21st of February along with the new Gallardo. I bet a pretty interesting crowd will form for that; migth be worth going just to see the cast of characters that will show up (Elise buyers and Gallardo buyers unite.)
z06fun said:
How did you guys here that it will be at the Chicago show.

I'm tempted to go this weekend, it's not a very long drive for me. And since my dealer hasn't called about the order yet, it might actually give me a chance to see an Elise before I place my order.
call up Fox Valley and ask if they'll have it at the show, conversely, if not you could just go to the dealership to see it.
I would say the LA show was the first show of the year as fare as car shows go on the calander. Don't forget the California market is the largest car market in the US.

I believe more Porsche 911's are sold in California than in any other part of the world even Germany. I was told this info while visiting the Porsche factory in 1996 and I believe it.

I am certain the bulk of Elise's will end up in CA. Lets face it the weather there is perfect and it really is a state of car loving people and I have no problem with that.

Best Wishes,
Mitch ( freezing my arse off in NJ)
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