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Here is my 2006 exige for sale. I purchased this car just a few months ago and its a bit to projectish for me and I'm going to go after a 996TT, Its a fairly documented car built by MAYPO. So you can look around at its progress over the years.

Asking 37,500 OBO

Currently has about 8040 miles

Phantom Black
Flared -- 1-1/2" front, 2" rear the flares on these need a little work. Look good from far off but not show quality
APR c/f spoiler damaged
"Quick-release" rear clam system
1/4-turn fasteners on all panels, belly pan and diffuser
Difflow Race difusser
I plastidipped the mirros and door a poor job but prefer it over the silver/red

Sector111 c/f seat, harness bar, and Schroth 5-point belt
Sector111 SysPak (seat and belt reinforcement kit)
Sector111 shifter base re-Enforcer
Sector111 heavy-duty shift cable
IAT and oil temp gauges
Works BEll Quick release w/ omp steering wheel
Stock headunit and stereo

Eliseparts 1" tubular swaybar
Ohlins track pack D/A shocks
410 and 600-lb Ohlins springs
Spring seat bearings
Ertalon suspension bushings
Sector111 toe link (RTV) brace
Lengthened front lower control arms
Replated control arms
Eliseparts 2-piece rotors
Hawk DTC30(f) and Pagid Blue(r) pads
New Blackwatchracing screw-in studs and 949 Racing alloy nuts
Kodiak 17x9 and 18x10 3-piece wheels plastidipped centers
225/45x15 and 255/35x18 Hoosier A6 tires

EFI Tech engine management, w/wide-band O2 sensor and 1 meg datalogger
OEM supercharger system w/Frozen Boost A/W intercooler and Bosch pump
Anti-heat coating on intake manifold, intercooler and Really Light Stuff intake tubes
Reverie 'bazooka' intake w/K&N filter
PPE 'supercharger' 4-into-1 header
BOE silent touch exhaust
Monkeywrenchracing alloy ancillary pulleys
TRD 185-degree thermostat
Monkey Wrench valve springs
Monkey Wrench Oil Pump gears
stainless valves
Engine-coolant-charged oil cooler
Moroso baffled 6-quart pan
Walbro 195 gpm fuel pump
Relocated race gel battery with shut-off switch, and external charge/jump plug

Sector111 Trackmounts (poly engine mounts)
OS gikken LSD Differential
Brand new Tilton twin-disk clutch

And heres a bit of a rundown. Once the car is started and running it has great power. Did some 281rwhp on a mustang dyno. Its a bit of a hard starter and it refuses to idle. Some of this is due to the tune and the other part is the EFI tech doesn't control the DBW system very well. I don't want to fool with it or I'd replace with BOE's flash set up. Also the clutch is very harsh, there's no slip to it and its a very loud set up. Its a great track clutch but I had planned on swapping it as well. Also the belly pan is not installed at the momentThis car looks very mean and is a blast to drive but a bit to much for me at the moment. Ill take some pics when I get the chance.


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This car is being offered for sale for the third time in a year.
Where is it located?
Is it u drivable in the current state? Or just a little frustrating?
Does it have ac?
Well second time I believe. Maypo sold it back in 12 I think. Its driveable, I drove it to work today. The stand alone needs some one who knows how to tune it. It takes a few revolutions to start it and I modulate the gas pedal to keep it idling def not ready for stop and go traffic.Ive done it but its a mf'er with the clutch/idle. It runs and drives and has great power as is. Id probably switch it to BOE's tuneable set up and sell the DRS system. Ac is still removed. for a nominal fee Ill reinstall it.

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with the tune id just sell the drs unit and go with boe. as far as the clutch its not bad just a stuff clutch. as with the flares they're not bad at all just not a show quality job. look pretty good though. if it doesn't sell I'll just swap the clutch and new tune myself.

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i rarely check the post so if you have a question pm me. I've since tinted the windows, added a second technocraft seat and working on getting a boe tune and going to install a act clutch light weight flywheel. price will go up as well thanks!i can also reinstall ac and recharge it as well


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No thanks on the sti. I've already ordered boe cable, torque 300 custom tune, boe intake, 3.0 pulley and new belt. I'll update when it's done and update the price as well. Thanks

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guys I just don't have time to
mess with this anymore. I put a new harness, boe torque 300, boe intake, and 3.1 pulley with new belt. I'm tired of trouble shooting the issues and going to buy something different.
I'm gonna ask. 34k as is. pm me for details
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