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The main problems with tuning the elise are usually

that is has a small engine bay: no space for what you want (eg. better induction system or exhaust manifold) and even when there's space, the parts get too close together and lots of them are very hot. Also, according to some high-powered elise owners, the fuel pump is a limiting factor at about 230bhp or 240bhp depending on the exact pump in use. More than this and it has problem supplying enough fuel at the right pressure. Sounds simple to fix but because of the elise fuel tank design, it's not that simple to fix.

In the US, you guys will also have problems when tuning with the fact that US gasoline tends to be pretty low octane (87 to 91 octane I think?) compared to the UK (95 or 98 octane) and especially japan, where gasoline seems to resemble rocket fuel. (99 octane and higher?)

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