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Will we have enough Lotus cars for a dedicated parking area?

My local Cars and Caffe is teaming up with Top Gear Imports to put on what I'm sure will turn out to be an amazing car meet. Usually they frown upon posting the details of meets, but they are allowing an exception for this one as there will be 10,000 (!) spaces available... they said "invite a friend"... and you folks are my Lotus friends, so you're invited!

In short: Sunday October 1st 9:00am-1:00pm. Free - no cost to show or as a spectator. The organizer (Tony) would like a RSVP if bringing a car to show [email protected]

Hope to see a lot of Lotus!


Here are the details from the organizer:

On Sunday, October 1st, Cars & Caffe and Top Gear Imports are teaming up once again, nearly six months after our massive Season Opener.

This time around, we have secured a larger venue to accommodate a sizable turnout: Garden State Plaza mall. This location gives us the ability to hold a turnout as large or in excess of April's turnout and spread everything out (and in theory, you won't be waiting on any lines!).

This event has been planned as a charitable fundraiser for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We believe that an event like this, along with such a worthy cause, can become an annual staple on the Cars & Caffe calendar for years to come.


Sunday, October 1st

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Garden State Plaza Mall

* There will be food available on-site, as well as a DJ.

* There will be a heavy police presence stationed throughout the event, so don't even think about attempting any disruptive behavior or you will be ticketed. The Paramus Police Department cited a recent incident at another recent meet where a car lost control tearing out, so they will be heavily enforcing reckless behavior.

* You are welcome to RSVP right away, as we are limited to 10,000 parking spots (that is not a typo, we have the entire section of parking reserved for us). If you would like to RSVP to the display of specialty cars, please contact me as soon as possible.

* For those wondering, due to Bergen County's Blue Laws, the retailers at the mall are closed all day on Sunday, so outside of those dining at restaurants and our event, the mall parking lot will be otherwise vacant.

* Unlike other Cars & Caffe events, where space limitations are a factor, we welcome you to invite a friend to this event. If you are part of a group, please give us a heads-up in advance of the event.

* We are accepting sponsorship requests, as the costs associated with this event are substantial. Volunteers to assist with directing traffic are also welcome.

I will follow up with further details in the days ahead. We are reviewing the floor plan of the parking lot and will advise parking arrangements in the next e-mail.

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I'm subscribed to Tony's DL so I will be there! (I was at the season opener as well)

Now, I'm subscribed to this as well.
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