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After taking out the passenger seat, the glove compartment and tearing the dash and everything apart to access the wiper motor, I decided to rethink the replacement and future repair procedure. Now I can drop the motor and have it in hand in 5 minutes. If you don't mind drilling a BIG 2 inch hole, replacing the motor will save you a 'hole' lot of time and trouble.
The motor for my 93.5 is no longer available so I went to Napa auto with the GM part number and wound up with a new motor for a VW at a price of $111.00. It looked the same with a couple of exceptions. The gearbox was on the opposite side and it needed a ground wire. In my case I had to drill 3 new holes in the bracket that the motor mounted to because of the gearbox and for the ground wire, this was a no brainer. I did however, take the cover off the gear to see the contacts inside so I could match them up to the proper circuitry; another simple procedure.
And now the scary part; drilling the BIG hole. I measured up from the two lower bracket bolts 3 3/4 inch to where they intersected for a center mark. I wanted to drill a 2" hole and fill it with a 2" rubber plug because I had a 2" hole saw but 2" plugs are rare. I did however have a 2 3/8 plastic hole plug so I purchased a hole saw to match.
I have two Esprit wiper motors that need the nylon gear. If anyone knows where to get the gears I would have two good motors to sell. Thanks, jim


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