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So I recently purchased a 2005 Elise from a fellow forum member. I am looking into getting the windows tinted to reduce some of the solar heat in the cab. After going to a couple of local shops that I was not particularly comfortable taking my vehicle to, I found a shop that has done a number of exotic vehicles and has a good track record.

After speaking with them they suggested not tinting the windshield, which is where the majority of the heat is coming from. They basically told me that the tint would not take to the windshield well since it is more curved, that it would need to be replaced within a year or so and that it would cause more fog/steam to develop, basically that it was a bad idea overall.

I am only looking for a very light tint on the side windows, and very very light on the windshield, just anything to reduce the solar heat. I am aware of the crystalline 3M material but no one in the area carries this.

So have any of you guys had any troubles with windshield tinting? Tints coming off after a while? Also how much does a tint using 3M crystalline cost if I were to find a place? All of the tinting places claimed that it is very expensive.
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