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I am building an open wheel car. I mainly check out the Lotus world because my car is also light weight with a rear engine.

my car is currently 1541lbs with a 66/34 rear/front weight split. My goal weight is a max 1725lbs. a 60/40 split would be awesome, but I think a 62/38 is probably the best I can do with my set up.

I still have about 100lbs of fluids/battery to add, wiring, windshield, some body parts and big front/rear wings.

I am just curious if anyone with larger front and rear wings have weighed them and what the material is?

Most of the body panels for me will be thin gauge aluminum. My windshield although rather large in size will be 3/16" polycarbonate.

I guess there isn't much point to this post besides talking about the weight of all the wings you may have. Also, maybe we can chat about tricks to try to keep the weight down while still getting the most downforce capabilities.

here is a picture of my car for reference.


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