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Winter package for your New Elise!

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Tirerack's winter shoes are as follows

TR Motorsports R2

Blizzak LM- 22

This package is a 15 - 16 setup
Tire sizes as follows

Fronts - 195/55/15
Rear - 225/50/16

The Moda wheels are not a "light" wheel, wich typically offers added durability. That can be an asset in winter against road imperfections hidden beneath a snowy blanket.

Fronts 15x6.5 et35 19.4 lbs ea
Rear 16x6.5 et35 20.3 lbs ea

This package is $1400 + shipping.

Please call me directly to place your order,

Please feel free to call with any further questions.

Alex Mouroulis
Performace Consultant
The TireRack
877 522 8473 xt 294
moderation on,,
email is best - [email protected]
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Hey cool. Last time I called customer service you guys said there wasn't yet a solution for the elise. good to know things are getting updated.

Maybe you can add to one of the previous threads on winter tires. In particular, I'd like to know what will work with the LSS rims, as I don't really want to have to deal with _three_ sets of rims for the car (street, autox, and snow).

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If you're going 15"/16" then I'd go for the original S2 winter wheel specification (which I use on my car): 185/55R15 front and 205/55R16 rear.

Lotus never made the appropriate S2 winter wheels (whey were supposed to, but never did), so later they fudged the spec to 195 front 225 rear and fit them on the normal wheels. But for winter/snow tires they're IMHO too wide for such a light car.

Narrower helps a lot on snow and slush to get traction.

Has worked fine for me in the last few winters.

Bye, Arno.
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