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Nathan968 said:
Ok, this is a good enough place for an update. I ended up geting Dunlop Graspic-DS2 tires on SSR comps from TireRack. The recommended Pirellis are effectively unavailable in the USA. You can get them in other sizes but not the required sizes. You can get them from Lotus UK at ~$300 per tire :eek: but they are back ordered and there is no ETA. Incidentally, if TireRack could get these they would be about $140 per.

If anyone is interested, the price breakdown looks like this.

Pirelli Snowsports on Lotus 8-spoke wheel:
Wheels: $1500.80
Tires: $1200.
Total: $2780.80 :eek:
Available ???

Dunlops on SSRs:
Wheels: $1268.00
Tires: $350.00
Total: $1618.00
In stock now.
BIG difference between those tires. The Pirelli performance is amazing. Back when I lived in Rochester, NY I ran a whole bunch of different snow tires and the Pirellis were in a class of their own. Their high speed stability and cornering performance were worlds better than the others. They DO wear fast in the dry, so try not to be overly tempted to drive aggressively when the roads are clear.

Note that going to one size narrower tires for the snows makes a huge improvement in snow performance.

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