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Now that it is garage season in Mi, my car is done for the year probably to come back in April/May. I wanted to put together a list of the things that I wanted to do over the winter so the car is good to go in the Spring. I want to go thru the car quite a bit checking things but want input on some things that I will have missed. Here is what I have so far

Check torque on all suspension components
Change trans fluid (car is at 32k and I just got it this year)
Change engine oil next spring (just did it but not a big deal)
Over inflate tires
Check out brakes and unit bearings when I am doing the suspension bolts
Grease all ball joints and tie rod ends
Flush brake and clutch fluid
Remove valve cover in inspect cams
Fix: Front left marker light, high beam switch (pushing the lever forward stopped working for me after messing with some dash wiring)
Would also like to add HID headlights and that flashing 3rd brake light

I also want to use the Meguiar's clay bar on the car. After I do that, what should I do for waxing?

What else have I forgotten or should add??

Doesn't Sector 111 have a check list for pre-track day inspection? I could not find it, any help?
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