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Hey guys. My house came with the Legrand wired home or whatever they want to call it. The wireless access point is installed in a 3-gang fixture in the ceiling and it used to work ok, but I've been noticing that performance has deteriorated over the past few months (my friend's laptop which used to be able to connect was no longer able to connect. Now my laptop sporadically connects and my squeezebox mp3 streamer skips quite often whereas when I first used it, it ran flawlessly). The access point is an Asus WL-320 or something like that and the firmware looks to be old and they haven't released new ones. I can't get my PS3 to connect to it if I use the WPA2 encryption so I think it's time to replace the antenna with something better.

Any recommendations? I looked on newegg and was reading some horror stories some have had with one particular linksys model where the performance deteriorated after a while as well. Also, the current antenna is a power over ethernet setup so I'd have to replace it with something similar as there really isn't a way to get power there easily.

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