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In trying to diagnose a minor electrical issue to my newly-acquired Esprit, I opened the fuse box to find a loose wire. Looks like a tap in to an existing fuse--seems a bit flimsy of a fix, and I'm not sure why it was done, who did it. It very well could've been this way since new. Both wires lead back through the bulkhead near the fuse box.

Looking at the #1 (electric windows) and #2 (turn signals) positions, there are/were wires soldered to the left contact. The box of course closes tightly, but as much vibration as these cars have, I would think this could be at risk of disconnection.

My Esprit doesn't have electric windows option, so I figure the fuse would be used for whatever they were trying to power. My turn signals work, but fail to turn off sometimes after completing a turn (this I attribute to a mistake in replacing the steering wheel and its contacts--its wood and not original). I haven't tried operating any of the accessories since discovering this, or even start up the car--it very well may have been making enough contact to complete the circuit before I opened the clear cover to the fuse panel.

The loose wire also has a resistor or capacitor at the point of where it was soldered to the fuse contact.

Wouldn’t it be better to use a sleeve for these wires, that way you wouldn’t be limited to the very small solder point on the top of the fuse? Or maybe a pigtail type of device, I think they’re called piggy-back fuse holders?

Any advice would be appreciated!


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