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Ok so this is for my Father's R53 2003 Mini Cooper S specifically; however, due to the knowledge here and the fact that this could apply in varying situations to several Lotus models, here it goes.

4 aux driving lights. 2 are wired to the high beams, 2 are wired to the fog lights. Problem is, the car uses the high beams as DRLs, however, at a lower power so they are much more dim. This is because the low beams are HIDs.

My proposed solution is to wire in a relay that trips on at 6v (or whatever the corresponding voltage is when the high beams are on) but isn't tripped when the car is just using the DRLs. Wiring in is the easy part. Hard part is a) does this make sense and b) does anyone know what type of relay I am looking for or where to find it?

Gracias all! unfortunately your local radioshack nowadays is useless for these sorts of things.
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