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Would you ever consider an engine transplant?

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Considering the U.S Elise may use the Celica's engine, would you ever consider swaping the engine sometime in the future?

I'm trying to trying to find out how much the Porsche Boxer (not Boxster) engine weighs and if it will work. I think a flat six engine may work well with the Elise, since they have a lower center of gravity. I believe Subaru's also use a flat-six configuration.

The Porsche Boxer engines are:
2.5L = 200hp
2.7L = 217hp
3.2L = 250-260hp
3.4L = 296-300hp

I wonder if it will work? :confused:
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Subaru boxer motors:
3 liter 250+ hp (next years version flat 6)
2.4 liter, (I think), flat 4- turbo & I/C WRX Sti motor 300hp

As tight a fit for the S2, 1.8 l motor is don't know how you'd be able to fit something like that in there. Plus the change in weight/distribution what you'd have to do to still handle well.
I would consider one, it would probably be a Honda, because it would still be relatively light, and it's been done. I don't want to pioneer here. Just buy an upgrade kit. :)
Knowing how small and light the K series rover engine (and the toyota lump) is, I'd be interested to see how a larger motor could be made to fit.

I think you can pretty well discount a flat 6 engine from ever being fittable - the engine bay simply isn't wide enough to accommodate an engine that size.

The only conversions I've seen where the actual engine type has changed (to a V6 in both cases) have required the back of the car to be completely re-engineered. One upgrade was an alfa V6 with about 250bhp, the other is the esthi <2.4.

surprise surprise,
I'd ACTUALLY want to drive the US car before even thinking about engine swapping! ;)

zvezdah1 said:
surprise surprise,
I'd ACTUALLY want to drive the US car before even thinking about engine swapping! ;)Chris
Speculations and "what ifs" are how I TRY and deal with the 9 more months (270 days) of waiting! :D And I've only been on the list for 8 days. :(

Now, about the towing hitch! ;)
If you think it's tough now. Wait till you've got the order in & have to wait another 2.5-3 months for the car to show up. I've been waiting since Feb. alot of us much longer. We're on the downward slope, details will be coming out over the next few months & first orders by Jan.

Some of us are more interested in handling others in hp, suspect most will be happy with what we get out of the box - a least to the point that powerplant transplants wouldn't be happing too soon. But yeah, we can all dream about pie in the sky stuff. ;)
Been waiting since December 2001. I am enjoying the ride. Sure, we all want the present under the tree, but it's fun to shake the box and speculate. :)
HI All,
Yep, had my first deposit down since Jan. 02.
Randy Chase said:
Sure, we all want the present under the tree, but it's fun to shake the box and speculate. :)
Heck, I want to open it and start playing NOW. :p Suppose getting the details will be like rattling the box.
Talk about die hearts, some have been waiting while it was only a rumor that they might bring it over. Makes the rest of us look like newbies.
It's been a looong wait for many of us ( I first started bugging the local Lotus dealers around February 2002 !)

I don't foresee anything as drastic as an engine swap, I am pretty sure that I'll be pretty satisfied with the Elise as-is, but look forward to making small modifications here and there.
Once you've got your elise I recon 6 months to 1 year and you'll all be wanting to upgrade the engine...

Craigy (droolling over a 240bhp honda engined elise)
I have the perfect upgraded engine for the Elise. It's very, very light weight and compact! :D

1) Here's the specs:
Engine: Allison Rolls Royce 250 Gas Turbine
Power: 320 hp @ 52,000 rpm (286 hp @ rear wheel)
Output RPM: 6,000 rpm
Torque: 425 ft lbs @ 2,000 rpm
Compressor speed: 54,000 rpm
Fuel: Diesel, Kerosene, Jet A

2)Here's the motorcycle it's used on:
and of course JayLo has one:

3) Here's the bike's performance specs:
Estimated Top Speed: 250 mph
1/4 Mile: 9.80 @ 160 mph
0-227 mph in 15.0 sec.

4) Here's the engine:

5) And here's a link to their site:

Okay, the bike's $185,000 but all we need is the engine. Who's in for a group buy? :D
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and, do I get meal service with that, or just peanuts and a choice of beverage ? :p
I like to be able to start my car in the garage, so I guess that rules out turbines.

If you want 300bhp from an elise, a slightly easier way of doing it is to turbocharge a suzuki Huyabusa engine (1300cc, approx 180bhp with an elise exhaust system while NA or about 300bhp turbocharged)

Geary (the proprietor of has one.

Setting fire to the car behind you may also be bad form. :)

Now where is that kart with the turbine engine?
Randy Chase said:
Setting fire to the car behind you may also be bad form. :)
Tail gating is also bad form! ;)
There are a few jetkart sites. My local one is this one:

Lol, just read that it has 70bhp and 140lb/ft of torque!

Not bad in something that size.

Here's a cool idea for an engine swap: Audi 1.8T.
With the proper mods it can put out 300 hp. And it would probably drop right into the Elise.
HOw about something really obscene. This 2.4 liter twin turbo from an audi. Esthi

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