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Well, you probably already know the story with Lilly

The car is totalled, and I'm posting a feeler thread for a new car.
I need a low milage (below 10K) Lotus Elise, 05 or 06 model year. Maybe even an Exige or Exige S, I've never driven one, so I don't know.
My budget is in the $30K range, I would prefer not to go over 35.
Must have: Touring, NO sport, starshield
Colors I'm considering, in order of preference:
Krypton Green, Solar Yellow, Chrome Orange, Saffron Yellow.
I will possibly consider a magnetic blue or such.

I'm willing to travel (drove my last one up from LA) but not beyond San Diego or Portland (I'm in Sacramento)

Like I said, this is just a feeler. It would have to be the right car at the right price, otherwise I'm OK with waiting.
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