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WTB 06 Lotus Elise $27k (slightly negotiable) + Auto Broking Service

I am looking to find a 2006 Lotus Elise with under 30k miles on it. It can be any color but must be in great condition. The car can have had 1-3 Owners but must have a clean title and must not have been tracked to death. I am a college student in Florida and am ready for my Lotus dream to finally become a reality. I will pay for a full inspection at the nearest Lotus dealership. If the car is in another state I will also pay for transportation. I am looking to buy sometime before December so if you are currently selling or are thinking about selling sometime in the future let me know and hopefully we can make a deal ahead of time! I also am entitled the use of a Car Broker to find another car at auction for dealer wholesale prices (He normally charges $750 for the service). If I am given a good deal here and you are looking to get a replacement car for a great price then we can also arrange the auto broking to be used for your next car.

If you have anything that may be of interest or information regarding something you think may be of interest please let me know!

I appreciate all of your help.

Thanks a lot,

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