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WTB: 08+ Shifter Mechanism

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Just like the title says, from an elise or exige... I know some of you are parting out some cars.

I hear the 08+ elises/exiges no longer have that tizzy sound on overrun. It seems to be transmitted through the linkage. I've tried shims here and there, haven't been able to eradicate it. Would be great to try out the 08+ linkage.

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greatly reduced but not gone...

I know the "tizzy" sound you are wanting to eradicate. I hated it as well. Sounded more like gear lash that was getting back into the passenger area. I am not sure it is all transmitted by the gear change cables.

I used to have the Elise and now have a 2008 Exige. The sound has been reduced significantly but is not gone.

The improvement in shifting feel is worth the swap alone....

My car is still running so I will not offer up my cables, he says with a smile.

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